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The homepage of the NIH Library's Bibliometric Services Program

What is bibliometrics?

Bibliometrics is the scientific study of scientific research using publications as a proxy for research. Because publications are both a method of communication and a formal record of scientific findings, they can be mined in various ways to try to understand how science works. Bibliometric analysis extracts data from scientific publications and analyzes that data using statistical methods to better understand the producers, processes, and intellectual structures of scientific research.

About us

The NIH Library’s Bibliometric Services Program provides bibliometric and portfolio analysis support to NIH employees and staff from across the agency. Drawing on our expertise in gathering, managing, and analyzing publications, we offer a range of standard and custom analysis services to assist NIH staff in managing, evaluating, and strengthening the scientific research performed at, and sponsored by, our agency. 

Some of the services we provide to NIH staff include:

  • Standard and custom bibliometric analyses of intramural, extramural, or global research publications
  • In-person and online training on bibliometric theory, analysis tools, and best practices
  • Guidance and assistance in formulating bibliometric research questions and designing bibliometric studies
  • Assistance with measuring the broader impacts of biomedical research

If you would like more information about our program, to schedule an individual or group tutorial, or to request a custom analysis, please contact us using the information on the right. 

Examples of our work

Poster presenting the results of our analysis of NHLBI-funded publications from 2008 to 2012 Sample page from one of our profile reports presenting analyses related to the topics of scientific papers








Sample page from one of our reports presenting analyses related to the citation impact of scientific publications Sample infographic presenting an analysis of papers co-funded by NIDCD and other NIH institutes and centers in 2013


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