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Types of Social Media

Below are most commonly-used types of social media:


Social Media Icons

social media icons

These icons may be familiar to you. This is not an exhaustive list of icons, but some common ones available today.

(Source: Icon Deck)


This guide was developed in conjunction with the NIH Library Social Media University course series. Course topics include: Twitter, blogs, and RSS feeds; social networks & online communities (Facebook); online videos (YouTube); and online collaborative tools (Google Drive). This guide features course materials (handouts, PowerPoints, etc.), videos, article citations, links to online resources, tips and tricks, and other information relative to social media.

This is a living and collaborative LibGuide. We welcome any feedback that you may have to offer. Please feel free to contact MaShana Davis or Douglas Joubert with suggestions, questions, or comments.

What is Social Media? In Simple English

Social media integrates technology, social interaction, and content creation to collaboratively connect online information. Through social media, people or groups can create, organize, edit, comment on, combine, and share content. Review this video to find out more information about social media.

(Source:, 2012)

Social Media Stats (U.S. only)

According to the Pew Internet and American Life Project:

  • 88% own cell phone (46% smart phone)
  • 85% adults use Internet
  • 71% watch videos on video sharing sites like YouTube
  • 66% broadband @ home
  • 66% online adults use SNS
  • 50% of adult cell phone owners have apps on their phone
  • 18% of smartphone owners use geosocial services to "check in" to certain locations
  • 15% online adults use Twitter, 8% daily

(Source: Pew Internet & American Life Project, 2012)

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