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Social Media University: RSS Feeds


RSS (or Really Simple Syndication) is social technology that allows you to receive updates from online resources (usually Websites) all in one location.

The information is supplied through a "RSS reader" that you subscribe to, and it's collected by a feed reader or aggregator.

RSS icons

RSS in Plain English

Getting Started: Subscribing to a Feed

To get started, you will need: a RSS feed reader and the URL for the RSS feed. To subscribe,

  1. locate the RSS icon or a button labeled "subscribe," "XML," or "RSS."
  2. you will be directed to the feed page where you can select the feed reader you want to use.
  3. click "Subscribe" to begin receiving alerts.

iGoogle & RSS

iGoogle is a customizable Webpage attached to your Google account that can be share with others. You can add any Website that publishes a feed to your iGoogle homepage. The feed looks like any other iGoogle gadget and lets you get automatic updates from the Website without leaving your iGoogle page.

For more information on adding a feed to your iGoogle account, visit the Google Support page.

RSS Feed Readers

To use RSS feeds, you will need a Web-based, downloadable or browser-based feed reader that will display content from the Website(s) you select.

Below are some examples of popular feed readers.

Tips & Tricks

Not all Websites offer RSS feeds. You can create your own using one of these free online services:

To add an RSS to your Website, try Feeds2JS.