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Social Media University: Social Networks & Online Communities

Social Media University: Social Networks & Online Communities

This page is dedicated to the course, Social Networks and Online Communities, with a focus on Facebook and online communities centered on health.

Course Objectives:

  • Discuss the importance of social media planning
  • Introduce participants to the various types of social networks
  • Discuss the Facebook ecosystem and what it means for engaging users
  • Outline methods for planning, designing, and managing a Brand Page
  • Discuss Facebook Insights
  • Highlight opportunities and challenges of messaging on Facebook

Social Networking in Plain English

What are Social Networks & Online Health Communities?

Social networks are online communities that allow you to connect with or provide resources to clients, colleagues, family, or friends. Many social networking sites let you upload videos and photos, create a blog, post events, join groups, and send messages. There are many different types of social networks, some professional (i.e., LinkedIn) while others are more personal (i.e., Facebook). Typically, users create profiles and use one or more of a variety of tools to interact with others on the same network.

Online health communities allow patients, their families and caregivers to educate themselves, connect with others, share information, and seek and offer support around a particular illness or condition.

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