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Social Media University: YouTube & Online Videos

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YouTube is an online video sharing site where users can upload, view, share and comment on online videos. Using collaboration and sharing tools built into YouTube, videos can be embedded on your Website, or Facebook and Twitter.

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How to Upload a Video

You have several options for uploading videos to YouTube:

  1. From a file(s) on your computer
  2. Recording a video using a webcam
  3. Google+ hangout which allows you to broadcast a conversation live on Google+, YouTube, or your Website with Hangouts on Air
  4. Using a third-party Web application (TPWA) that call YouTube Creator Tools
  5. Via a mobile device

YouTube supports a variety of audio and video formats (see below). For more information about acceptable formats for YouTube, see Supported YouTube Formats.

  • WebM files
  • .MPEG4, 3GPP and MOV files
  • .AVI
  • .WMV
  • .FLV

Other Examples of Online Video Sharing Sites

Social Media University: YouTube and Online Videos

This page is dedicated to the course, YouTube and Online Videos.

Course Objectives:

  • Hightlight best practices from the YouTube and YouTube Education Playbook.
  • Introduce participants to YouTube, and discuss the My Channel, Video Manager, and Subscriptions features in YouTube.
  • Highlight the most commonly used settings.
  • Learn about the embedded YouTube video editor.
  • Highlight the audio, annotations, and caption functions, built into YouTube.

 Course Materials:

Getting Started with YouTube

Accessing YouTube

Signing into YouTube requires a Google account.

If you have a Google account, your username is the email address you entered when you created your Google account. If you use Gmail, sign in with your Gmail username.

If are new to Google, create an account. You should be able to log into YouTube using this new account.

For more information about creating or managing a YouTube account, visit Create & Manage Account on YouTube's help page.

Your YouTube Channel

Once you are logged into YouTube, you have access to a personalized YouTube channel, called My Channel. This page is a personalized home for:

  • all the videos you have uploaded
  • broadcasts of playlists you have created
  • your YouTube activities: likes, favorites, subscriptions, comments
  • the information about your Channel that you’d like to share: About This Channel, social links, and linked Websites

Appearance of your Channel and set your Info and Settings and Tabs.


On this tab, select an Avatar (or profile image) and set your Channel background image. Your profile image will appear at the top of your Channel alongside your Channel's name, and will be associated with your YouTube activity (i.e., liking or commenting). The image should be 800px x 800px, with a maximum size of 1MB; and should be recognizable when resized to 36px.

Your Channel's background image can be uploaded from your computer. The image can be repeated (using Repeat Background Image) or centered; and can "scroll" or be in a "fixed" position. The size of your Channel is 970px wide; so select an image to accommodate the width of your Channel.

Info and Settings

On this tab, customize your Channel's title and description (both appear on YouTube and in the "About" section of your Channel), tags, and set which tabs users will see by default when they visit your Channel. You have 1,000 characters to describe your Channel; only 250 will be exposed by default in the "About" section. Provide descriptive tags for your Channels to make it more findable in the YouTube search.


On this tab, customize where viewers will land by default when visiting your Channel. Default landing page options: Uploaded Videos; Featured Tab; or Activity Feed.